Dr. Etienne Schneider

University Assistant Postdoc.

Department of Development Studies
Sensengasse 8, 4th Floor
1090 Vienna
T: +43 1 4277 641 23

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Office hours: on appointment via email

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Etienne Schneider is a political scientist who studied in Vienna, Berlin and Toronto. His current research focuses on the global political economy of decarbonization. He is particularly interested in how the current dynamics of geopolitical competition are changing industrial and competition policy, and what new forms of an asymmetric, 'green' international division of labour are emerging in this context. He also works on the integration of carbon dioxide removal technologies into international and European climate policy and related ‘mitigation deterrence’ effects

Research Interest

  • Industrial policy, decarbonization and social-ecological transformation
  • International climate policy
  • Global political economy
  • Geoengineering and carbon dioxide removal
  • Monetary policy and European monetary union
  • European economic integration and uneven development
  • Materialist state theory and policy analysis


Research Projects

Since October 2022: Household GHG footprints and Austrian climate policy: identifying leverage points for demand-side mitigation (lead: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Simone Gingrich), funded by the Austrian Klima- und Energiefonds - Link

Selected Publications

  • Schneider, E., Brad, A., Brand, U., Krams, M., Lenikus, V. (2023): Historical-materialist policy analysis of climate change policies, in: Garcia, A., Scherrer, C., Wullweber, J. (eds.): Elgar Handbook on Critical Political Economy and Public Policy. Edward Elgar, in press.
  • Schneider, E. (2022): Germany’s Industrial strategy 2030, EU competition policy and the Crisis of New Constitutionalism. (Geo-)political economy of a contested paradigm shift, New Political Economy, doi.org/10.1080/13563467.2022.2091535 
  • Brad, A., Brand, U., Schneider, E. (2022): (Global) Environmental Governance and the State, in: Pellizzoni, L., Leonardi, E., Asara, V. (eds.): Elgar Handbook of Critical Environmental Politics. Edward Elgar, 402-415.
  • Brand, U., Krams, M., Lenikus, V., Schneider, E. (2022): Contours of historical-materialist policy analysis, Critical Policy Studies 16(3), 279-296.
  • Pichler, M., Krenmayr, N., Brand, U., Schneider, E. (2021): EU industrial policy: Between modernization and transformation of the automotive industry, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 38, 140-152.
  • Schneider, E., Sandbeck, S. (2019): Monetary Integration in the Eurozone and the Rise of Transnational Authoritarian Statism, Competition & Change 23(2), 138-164.
  • Eder, J., Schneider, E. (2018): Progressive Industrial Policy – A Remedy for Europe!?, Austrian Journal of Development Studies XXXIV 3/4, 108-142.