The Department of Development Studies at the University of Vienna was founded in 2010. It originated from the project 'International Development', which was initiated in 2002 by a group of lecturers interested in establishing a study program focusing on 'development'.

The aim of the Department is the establishment of Development Studies in teaching and research. The assumption that 'development' is a phenomenon that can only be taught and analyzed from a transdisciplinary perspective is the premise for our work. In our study programs and research activities we focus on social, political, historical, cultural and economic approaches to development, and to global and local inequalities. A critical view on development policy and practice, paired with the aim to foster new methodological approaches to 'development' also underlie our academic efforts.
Such an approach requires a multidisciplinary team. Our staff members as well as our lecturers have various disciplinary backgrounds. These different knowledge and practical backgrounds are an important pillar in teaching and research.
An important aspect of our research agenda is the collaboration with other departments at the University of Vienna, which focus their research and teaching on the so-called 'global South', development cooperation or 'North-South' relations, in the broadest sense of the terms.  Furthermore, we created a network with different partners working in a broad variety of spheres and regions in order to establish creative partnerships, which help us explore the complex subjects of 'development' and social change as well as growing local and global inequalities. The aim of the Department is to challenge classical conventions and produce new transdisciplinary approaches and theoretical concepts of 'development' that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Detailed information regarding the current and expiring Curricula as well as organizational issues and statutory requirements are currently only available in German.