The aim of the department is to challenge classical and mainstream approaches to ‘development’ and to produce new transdisciplinary perspectives, theoretical concepts and methodological approaches to ‘development’ and global inequalities that go beyond disciplinary boundaries and a simple North-South divide. The complex subject ‘development’ is approached by integrating political, historical, economic, social, feminist and cultural perspectives that allow the analysis of inequalities, multifaceted processes of social change and transformation, and power relations on a global, regional and local level.


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Call for Applications

Position: Scientific Project Staff (Prae Doc)

Start Date: October 1, 2024

Project: "For Participatory Research in MENA Contexts"

Report on Kick-off Event of the Project Youth engagement of Fridays for Future

Kick-off workshop 11th to 12th of April 2024

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Podcast mit Helmut Krieger über Israel und Palästina, Teil 1: Studio-Omega-Religionspodcast Folge 156: "Helmut Krieger über Israel, Palästina & die...



Recordings of lectures on the war on Gaza

Recordings of the Public Lecture Series as part of the seminar "Palestine: Occupation, War, and Development Policy" (summer term 2024)


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