Doctoral Programme "Development Studies"

On the following website you can find all forms in german:

Doctoral Studies in "Development Studies" are possible with the program code 792 278, which is part of the doctoral program of philosophy in humanities and cultural studies. The application is possible all year long.

The director of the doctoral studies program 42 (SPL 42) is responsible for doctoral courses, and you can find the Curriculum online at (only in German).

An English translation of the Curriculum can be found here.

Please note, that only the german version published in the University Gazetta is legally binding and not the english translation.

The Admission Office is located in the Main Building of the University: Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien.

The general procedure is as follows:

(1) Admission:

It is recommended that you contact potential supervisors about supervision already before you apply for admission!

if you have a Master or Diploma degree of the University of Vienna:

If the study field of the doctoral study remains the same, then you can apply to a Doctoral Programm over the U:Space -> Administration -> “Admission to Degree Program”.
You need to upload a motivation letter (just one or two lines).

If your Master or Diploma is of different field than your intended Doctoral study you need to upload the following documents:

  • your diploma of completion of your degree
  • your diploma supplement or transcript
  • proof of proficiency in English or other prerequisites for admission (if indicated in the curriculum)
  • payment of the Tution fee/student’s union fee
  • after you got the admission letter you need to go in person to the Admission office with the printed-out admission letter, your student ID, and, if you want to pay your tuition fee right away, a Maestro debit card

if you apply with a degree from any other University:

  • register and upload the required documents via U:SPACE
  • enroll for the study program
  • payment of the tuition fee/students' union fee
  • you need to come to the Admission Office personally with the originals of the uploaded documents or notarized copies of them until the end of the extended admission period

More Information on which documents you need to upload you can find here.

(2) Concept Phase and registration for the faculty open presentation:

  • Register your dissertation topic and the name of your supervisor. There is one form to fill out and has to be signed by you and the supervisor. If you have two supervisors, both have to sign the form:
    SL/D11 - Registration of the topic of the doctoral thesis and the supervisors
  • Write an Exposé (in german or english) of 10 pages about your topic. There are mandatory(!) guidelines for exposés – you can find these guidelines here.
  • Fill out and sign the form:“SL/W1 Regulations relating to good scientific practice”.
  • You need to get a signed written statement from your supervisor about the quality of your topic. In case of two supervisors you need a statement from each of them.
  • Go to the website of the Doctoral advisory board. You have to agree with one person of that list, that he will come to your public presentation and assess it together with your supervisor. The person has to give you a signed confirmation that he or she will become your second assessor at the presentation (one sentence is enough). It is recommended to nominate a replacement also.
  • Write an abstract of about half to one page of the expose in english. Please use the following convention for naming this document: “last name_first name_matrikelnummer_abstract.doc”. This abstract will be put on the Website along the date of the presentation.

ATTENTION: All documents except the abstract of the exposé have to be attached in PDF format. The abstract needs to be a word document!

Once you have all these documents, send them as attachments in one e-mail message to the Study Service Center: and register for a spot at the Faculty Open presentation (dies doctoralis).

The dates for the dies doctoralis can be found here:

After sending this e-mail bring everything in Hardcopy to the SSC.

Further information concerning organization, procedures and appointments etc. can be found at the Center for Doctoral Studies.