Extension Curricula ("Erweiterungscurricula"): Basics / Advanced

Since 1.10.2012 it is possible for all students of a different Bachelor study, in which ECs (up to 60 ECTS) are required  for the successful completion of their study, to choose two ECs of the Development Studies with 15 ECTS each:

Overview of the structure - EC Basics and EC Advanced:

A 149 Internationale Entwicklung - Basics

A 140 Internationale Entwicklung - Advanced (Precondition to register is the successfully completed EC  International Development Studies - Basics ).

The registration to the Extension Curricula is managed over the U:Space system.
Attention: Not all courses are offered every semester, therefore you will need at least 2 semester to complete an EC.

Both Extension Curricual enable students without a BA degree in Development Studies the admission to the Master Development Studies without additional supplementary examinations.

Students currently enrolled in the Bachelor International Development Studies are not allowed to register the ECs of the Development Studies! In case you have two studies open, it is possible to recognize it for a different Bachelor programme (recognition is done after the U:Space registration in the Office IE).

For interested students from outside the University of Vienna:
Students who are enrolled at a different University in Austria and who are interested in enrolling the Master IE, have the possibility to study the EC under co-registration at the University of Vienna. In this way you can reduce or avoid potential additional obligatory courses once you enroll for the Master IE.