The aim of the department is to challenge classical and mainstream approaches to ‘development’ and to produce new transdisciplinary perspectives, theoretical concepts and methodological approaches to ‘development’ and global inequalities that go beyond disciplinary boundaries and a simple North-South divide. The complex subject ‘development’ is approached by integrating political, historical, economic, social, feminist and cultural perspectives that allow the analysis of inequalities, multifaceted processes of social change and transformation, and power relations on a global, regional and local level.


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'Kobalt Rush' - Interview mit Aleksandra Wojewska, Ö1 Podcast Matrix, 22.03.2024

Emerging Field mit Beteiligung der IE: "REMASS: Resilience and Malleability of Social Metabolism"

- Globale Lieferketten krisensicher und nachhaltig gestalten

HINWEIS: Abgabe Masterarbeiten ab 5.3.

Ab 05.03.2024 erfolgt die Einreichung der digitalen Version wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten über u:space.

Vize-SPL für IE Patricia Zuckerhut - Stunde der offenen Tür

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Podcast mit Helmut Krieger über Israel und Palästina, Teil 1: Studio-Omega-Religionspodcast Folge 156: "Helmut Krieger über Israel, Palästina & die...

Leitfaden für Studienanfänger*innen SoSe 2024

+ Informationsveranstaltung - Vor Ort




Public Lecture and Discussion: Genocidal War and Complicity? The War on Gaza and Western Responsibilities

with Francesca Albanese, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories