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Course Archiv of Development Studies

Since April, 2012, the course archive of Development Studies at the University of Vienna is being constructed. Its intention is to serve the following means:

  • Documenting and archiving the Development Studies' Teaching, which has been the only continuous column of IE and its essence for a long time (because reseach and staff were quite fluctuating).
  • Facilitating the planning of new courses or semesters - especially by new staff - by providing concepts and material of the same course in the past.
  • Offering the possibility to gain insights into "IE" and its past by having access to old course material.
  • Providing a collection of course material as a pool for archive-based research, e.g. about "The Discourse of IE", "Change of Study Contents between Diploma and BA/MA Study Programme", etc.

Please Help!

Putting together course material from 10 years is not an easy task as such, furthermore it is made difficult by the fact that until recently there were no linked and commonly used spaces and storage facilities for IE teaching staff. Their high degree of fluctuation also contributed to this difficulty.

This is the reason why most material is probably stored in private archives or on private computers. Thus the project of a central archive is in big need of cooperation of all (former) teaching staff!

I kindly ask you to take some time and send (old) course material, using the following ways:

  • digital documents to Opens window for sending emailstudienassistenz.ie@univie.ac.at
  • digital documents on a USB drive, SD card, CD-ROM, etc. or paper copies of documents, labelled "LV-Archiv" to the IE office in Sensengasse 3 (mail box: Studienassistenz) or into the mail box at IE-"Dependencia"/Studienassi-Chamber at the Institute for African Studies, Uni-Campus/AAKH, Court 5, ground floor - left side
  • alternatively, if you use/d eLearning plattforms, you can register "studiei4" as a user and we will download the material ourselves. In this case please tell us via email which documents we can use.

Archive Material

Since a well endowed archive is the aim of the project, the following points serve as an orientation rather than as a restriction for the documentation of a course:

  • semester plans or similar documents
  • obligatory readings / literature lists / bibliographies
  • KOVO- and/or course register entries
  • eLearning plattform backup files (e.g. *.ZIP files in Moodle)
  • master copies for readings from public access shelf
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