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Univ.-Prof. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Hanna Hacker


M:  hanna.hacker(at)univie.ac.at

Research Interests

  • Development research, development criticism, theories of postcolonial studies andpost colonial and post development theories
  • Analyseis of new media and globalization related to the Nnorth-Ssouth divide
  • Paradigms of critical whiteness studies and critical Ooccidentalism
  • Cultural studies and social science theories; focus onin particular concepts of transmigration, transnationalism and translocality, migration, diaspora
  • Theories of gender and queer studiesGender and queer theories, scientific critical and epistemological approaches of to power and gender, sexual differences and sex/gender systems concerning differences of sex/gender systems
  • Criticism of historiography,  and the history of the discourse and organization of social movements
  • Concepts of “transgression”: gender definitions and oppressive terrains within society and the state of the society and the state, in particular the public sphere/nationalism/war
  • Social history and sociology of knowledge of medicine, sexual sciences and criminology; constructions of “normality” and “deviance”


Department of
Development Studies
University of Vienna

Sensengasse 3/2/2
A-1090 Vienna

Office hours 'Büro IE':
Tue, Wed: 10.00-12.00
Thu: 14.00-17.00
Fri: closed

Office hours during holidays:
Tue, Wed: 10.00-12.00
Thu: 14.00-16.00

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