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Research project 'Employing the Cultural Broker in the Governance of Migration and Integration' (BrokerInG). Funded by EU Marie Curie (FP7-People-2013-IEF)

Research project ‘Development and Migration: The Missing Link’. Funded by the Ernst Mach Worldwide Grant, OeAD, Austria and the Catherine van Tussenbroek fonds, the Netherlands

Research projects “The inherent (im)possibility of the politics of a constructive complicity? Reconsidering the ethics of deconstruction” and “A critical interrogation of ‘constructive complicity’ as a philosophical, political and ethical position”. Funded by the Jan van Eyck Academie, the Netherlands

Research project “Neskak Gora” on discrimination against young second generation female migrants in six European countries (DAPHNE III Programme EU). Funded by the European Commission (coordinated by the University of the Basque Country)

PhD research project “Performing Global Citizenship: Women NGO Workers’ Negotiations of Complicities in their Work Practices”. Funded by the University of Nottingham, UK and the BFWG Charitable Foundation, UK

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