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Mag.a Dr.in Christine M. Klapeer

former Research fellow post doc


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Teaching: Winter Term 2015

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Area of specialization

  • Postcolonial, decolonial, queer and feminist perspectives on heteronormativity, gender relations, sexuality and identity
  • concepts, articulations, political struggles for sexual citizenship and sexual (human) rights; (transnational) sexual politics and LGBTIQ-movements
  • Queer/ing Development; development research and (dissident) sexualities/identities; development as a new arena for transnational LGBTIQ-activism and politics
  • Queer methodologies and  socioeconomic forms of discrimination against lesbians, gays and trans*genders; sexuality as a stratificatory social category 
  • Proprietism and queer critique; posthumanist concpets of society, nature and subjectivity; queer/ing commons


Habilitation project:

„Rainbow Aid.  Development Cooperation as a new arena for transnational LGBTIQ-politics“


Other research projects:

Pilot study: “The  living conditions of lesbian, gay and trans*genders in the city of Vienna” with Karin Schönpflug, Roswitha Hofmann, Alexander Schnabel, Clemens Huber in cooperation with the Viennese Anti-discrimination unit for lesbian, gay and transgender issues

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