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Research platform 'Mobile Cultures and Societies'

Petra Dannecker is a member of the research platform and has been a part of the application process from the beginning.

The research platform "Mobile Cultures and Societies. Interdisciplinary Studies on Transnational Formations" has been established in May 2014 for a period of three years. The platform, which is led by Univ.-Prof. Elisabeth Büttner (Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies) and Univ.-Prof. Annegret Pelz (Department of German Studies), is supported by the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The aim of the research platform is to establish, constitute and conceptually differentiate scientific space to examine phenomena, conditions and effects of cultural and social mobility. The platform combines different disciplinary approaches, theories and methods to develop new categories in regard to contents, structures and scientific tools in the field of mobility studies.

Website: http://mobilecultures.univie.ac.at/


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Büttner, M.A., Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies

Deputy Head:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Annegret Pelz, Department of German Studies

Members of the Faculty of Social Sciences:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Petra Dannecker, M.A., Department of Development Studies
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Sauer, Department of Political Science

Project 'Migrant' Women Entrepreneurs in Vienna

What is the role of transnational activities for social positioning and mobility?


Univ.-Prof. Petra Dannecker
Mag.a Alev Cakir, MA

Fields of Research

The focus of this research project is on female entrepreneurs with immigrant background in Vienna. On the one hand, we mean actors who engage in entrepreneurial activities, who are defined or constructed as migrants, and so as the mobile ‘others’, and thus contribute to social change, social negotiations and transformations, as well as question consciously or unconsciously dominant (sedentary) identity politics. On the other hand, we also mean female entrepreneurs who actively use these attributions to position themselves economically in certain sectors and areas as well as women who are denied other employment opportunities due to these attributions.

further information: http://mobilecultures.univie.ac.at/en/projects/migrant-women-entrepreneurs-in-vienna/

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